About our Company

Focus Lense is a consulting company focused on developing cool products(Games, IoT applications, VR and AI) for the Kenyan market.

We also offer technical training ,organize and run workshops and bootcamps on IoT, AI and Game Development.

Our main areas of expertise include product design from ideation to prototype with special interests and research on Embedded Linux development, Yocto Linux, Device driver development, firmware, android bsp customization, pcb and case design. layout and assembly.


Offer excellent customer support ,product development that solves social problems touching the lives of ordinary kenyans.


Be the number one technology provider for startups in Kenya venturing into IoT and Machine Learning on the edge. Offer Consultancy that reduces time to market by a fraction to startups and corporates in Sub Saharan market.

Why Choose To Work With Us

We have the experience and passion to build solutions that touch the lives of ordinary people within this region.

A partnership with Us helps your business grow and tap into our rich pool of talent,experience ,professionalism , excellent supply chain and networks

  • > Team work
  • > Excellent customer service
  • > Hardwork and determination

Our Services

Below are a list of the services we offer to our clients.

Product Design

Focus Lense takes advantage of its expertise in User Research and Experience, Software, tools and state of the art equipment to develop products for its clients...

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Embedded Software Development

We have expertise in C /C++ ,python (Micropython) ,rust and qml for UI UX development with QT. We develop firmware...

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AI and IoT on the Edge

Focus Lense brags of qualified talent in the AI and IoT field. Our founder is an expert certified by Intel and IBM to develop solutions, consult around their technologies.

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VR and Game Development

By partnering with other technology partners we bring experience in Game development in Unity and Blender ...

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Technical training on IoT, AI and VR

We love to share our expertise and skills with young Innovators and engineers .With a talent pool of a combined 5 years experience ...

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